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Looking BACK on last year, 2020

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Sometimes it is hard to ignore what we have all been through without putting focus on Negative and Positive events in our lives. Stay connected to Positive outlets, Positive Art-making and Positive outlooks on the NEW Year.

  1. Choose one or two positive events that have happened for you last year and write it down.

  2. Search for Photographs that Documented the event and save them, edit them and create a special page in your Photo Album as the highlight of last year.

Then, when all the events that have occurred in 2020 pile up in your mind, FOCUS. Focus in on the highlight of your year and wonder about how you can better and even have more of these moments THIS YEAR.

Here is an Example:

(Paintings by Unknown and Me, Halonnah Hope Kay)

Last year on this day, at ARTS CONSORTIUM, My Voice Media Center we were making Abstract Ballon Paintings, with Me as a Facilitator. I was very proud of this project and hope you enjoy!

If you are interested in completing more projects like this one please contact me about becoming a participant. We offer free ART Sessions including 3D Art, Photogaphy, Video Editing and help you prepare for NSSB Writing at the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau Meeting.

Remember, we can't look ahead without looking back. To remember what you have been through, will get you through the present. Stay in the present, find a positive moment from the past and move on with it towards the FUTURE!

My Voice Media Center



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