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International Woman's Day

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Celebrating national woman's day is a fantastic opportunity for the mind of an artist. This month at the Arts Consortium, women artists filled the downtown area and Arts Consortium with their art, and even their first published book!

First Friday consists of 6 venues with Arts Consortium.

Arts Consortium, Arts Visalia, The Creative Center, The Book Nook, The Fox Theatre, and Brandon Mitchell Gallery all participated in this month's celebration of "Women's HERstory Month!

Arts Consortium

My Voice Media Center wishes you a happy Woman's Day, celebrate the whole month!

Arts Visalia:

See all of the Art from F1rst Friday at

214 East Oak Avenue

Visalia, California 93291

Phone: 559-739-0905

Screenshot from Arts Visalia Website; March 8, 2023;

The Creative Center:

Celebrate women in art at the Creative Center's online Alumni store:!

The Book Nook

Visited on Friday, March 3rd for F1rst Friday, the Book Nook was filled with the family and friends of a newly published young author. She wrote a collection of poems during the pandemic at age 16!

The featured Author, Donya Hassanshahi shared some of her book, "The Fairy Without Wings", and signed copies to many people right along Main street.

Congratulations to her!

Powered by Family Health Care Network, this is a great place to visit if you love books and reading - for the whole family!

Fox Theatre:

Fox Theatre hosted its first Friday by helping to support a local artist. The staff at the Fox Theatre welcomed people from off the street to see "Anxiety Creations", which can be found on Facebook @anxietycreations77.

Brandon Mitchell Gallery

Screenshot from Brandon Mitchell Gallery; March 8, 2023;

A lot of women put forth the effort to have their voice heard this month! Please go out there and visit one of these place for more art, more voices of women, mental health advocates and much more!

My Voice Media Center celebrate Woman's Day and Wooman's Month:

Mental Health is also celebrated by the women at My Voice Media Center. We empower and encourage each other to stay well and to be an active participant in the fight against stigma towards mental health.

Many art activities, wellness activities and peer support happens here at My Voice Media Center.

To download the whole book visit(above):


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