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What is an Installation?-Much Talk About Space

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

What is an Installation?-Much Talk About SPACE


The Elements of ART, the beginning, the basics and the roots of all creation in an an artists eyes, are The Elements of Art. They are Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Form and SPACE. An Installation Project is a work of art that is 3D and encompasses the workable space completely, entirely working with the space and "coming out" for the viewer and is many times interactive.

Description: "An installation art of Mad crab created with waste plastics and similar non-biodegradable wastes at Fort Kochi."

English: Crab structure made with discarded plastic bottles and save the beach from garbage, at Fort Kochi

Date19 January 2015, 07:24:29SourceOwn work

(Photo copied from Wikipedia; "This file is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.")

Rachel Whiteread, Embankment at Tate Modern,


by Rachel Whiteread.

Turbine Hall, The Tate Modern, Bankside, London. 12 November 2005.

Photographer: Fin Fahey.

(Photo copied from Wikipedia; "This file is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.")

One might even look at the garden in Van Gogh's painting Bulb Fields as a great example of how we use Installation Art in Everyday Life. We use it and see it everywhere. It is not a sculpture, but can be comparable instead. Because of it's workable natures with SPACE, one of the Elements of ART, an artist is challenged to proceed in building and constructing using a known space and technique that encourages the viewer to interact and be a part of that space, either visually or physically.

Bulb FieldsFlower Beds in Holland

1883 Catalogue


JH361(Photo copied from Wikipedia; "This file is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.")

Medium: oil on canvas on wood

Dimensions48.9 cm × 66 cm (19.25 in × 26 in)

Location: National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

MY VOICE MEDIA CENTER has been embarked in an Installation project for the Arts Consortium specially chosen space for an Installation Project. We have been checking in with the MVMC committee, during Thursday afternoon Check-IN's on ZOOM. All are welcome to attend these check-in's and newcomers are always welcome to attend. This is a chance for us to communicate through social distancing and other situations that may arise. Participants are involved, becoming a grand part of the planning process; Susan Leary, President, Sheila Ashford, Vice President, Vicky Leary, Secretary and the construction crew consists of Michael Koonce and Nelson Medina. We encourage all those that would like to join us to please let us know and become part of the art-making process to help put the installation on its feet.

Our installation was inspired by one of our Thursday check-ins and we decided through our committee to name it "Our World, Our Perspective". The Title was proposed by Sheila Ashford, our Vice president. The showing of the installation is yet to come and the date to be proposed, but we have continuously been working on smaller parts that will be in the installation, the main frame and the site, which is now in the South/Front corner of the building and will be visible from the outside.

We, as a committee and My Voice Media Center Project members, contributors, and participants have spend countless Thursdays coming up with supplies and making projects in our 3D Art Session with Olivia Garza.

Here is our progress so far...stay tuned



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Thank YOU!

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