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Installation 2022 and Other Activities

"Tranquil Lennei Landmark"

The installation, "Tranquil Lennei Landmark", for May Mental Health Awareness Month is coming along. The 2nd annual installation, originally designed and created in 2021 is a Peer-Made Committee activity that allows participants to plan a large installation. The installation is planned, beginning in January with much research and sketching, until the installation is planned down to the technique and process.

Participants vote in a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and the Construction Crew. All of these positions are important to the techniques and processes that will be used in the progress of the installation. The President oversees, makes sufficient suggestions and helps guide the process to a resolved work of art. The Vice-President is second in command to the President and can stand in f the other is not present. The Secretary is responsible for making sketches and taking notes during meetings. The Construction Crew make suggestions during the planning process as to sessions that can become involved and help to build the installation, once all planning is finished. My Voice media Center provides the materials the participants need and offer inspiration and guidance throughout the whole process.

Last Year's Installation:

This Year's Progress:

My Voice Media Center's Installation 2022 will be presented at the Open House and F1rst Friday at Arts Consortium at 5PM - 8PM. Both Tulare County's Art Community and Mental Health Community are both invited along with new, interested patrons of the community. We look forward to being there for you and your family as you explore our My Voice Media Center Project a project through the Arts Consortium.

Our staff will be at the Open House to showcase the new installation and to answer any questions about My Voice Media Center. Our doors open along with other organizations on F1rst Friday at 5PM. Many other organizations such as the Creative Center, Arts Visalia, and the Brandon Mitchell Gallery present shows for F1rst Friday walk on the F1rst Friday on each month at 5PM to 8PM. The F1rst Friday ARTWALK is a great opportunity for artists to see each other's art, collaborate and enjoy different types of art shows in Visalia, CA.

WE hope to see you all at May, Mental Health Awareness Month's Open House, hosted by My Voice Media Center as we showcase the 2nd Annual Installation, "Tranquil Lennei Landmark"!


Thank you!

Please contact us at (559)772-0001 or email

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