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Holidays in May

May is certainly filled with many activities for the mental health community, at My Voice Media Center and for holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day.

Celebrating holidays and our mental health can have a great impact on how we celebrate life. It is the little things in life that we do and do for each other that help us hang onto our resilience. So, I encourage all of you to remember the holidays for May, and that May is mental health awareness month.


Many holidays require the use of the creative mind and artistic skills. My Voice Media Center should be your resource for working on the creative side of you while you celebrate this month. We support many traditional forms of art media, Pastels, Acrylics, Printmaking and 2D/3D Art. We also offer digital Photography, Photo Editing, Video Editing and Guitar, and Some of our support sessions like Peer Support and NAMI connections may be a great place to talk about the holidays and other happenings in May.

Cinco de Mayo Art/Music

The traditional music of the "5th of May" is Mexican music. There are many types of Mexican culture music you can listen to from Pop, to LIVE music and music that you may have heard from your families. "The big name performers of the Mexican folk music are as celebrated there as Louis Armstrong and Elvis are for Americans." ( Some may enjoy Mariachi, a west-central Mexican tradition.

Mexican dance can also be a part of the fiesta,

"Baile folklórico de México, or Mexican folk dance has a deep cultural history."

Celebrating with music isn't the whole fiesta, there is a lot of colorful art that goes into the preparations for Cinco de Mayo. Creating colorful decorations, like flowers can be a fun activity in May - Cinco de Mayo: Traditional Mexican Folk Art Paper Craft [Video] - Latin Business Today

Mother's Day Art/Music

For mother's day...on May 8th, there are all sorts of ideas for making your mother something with art. There is knowing her favorite flower, her favorite song and just making something for her for Mother's Day.

Visit one of our sessions to make art and or play her her favorite song. You can learn how to play it on the guitar, Tuesdays from 1-3PM.

Memorial Day Art/Music

Memorial Day is on Monday, May 30th. My Voice Media Center will be closed for memorial day on the Friday before, May 27th in honor of the holiday. Memorial day is a day that we honor our veterans as one. Check out this fantastic article and music from Classic FM and discover some of the music that has been written in honor of those veterans. It is very traditional to honor your veterans by placing flowers at their gravesites.

You can learn more about keeping up with the holidays at


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