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Happy Birthday, Ampelio!

What a great boss I have!

Happy Birthday!!!

I had the opportunity to join participants and staff in planning a surprise birthday party for Arts Consortium and My Voice Media Center main guy, Ampelio Mejia Perez.

Ampelio Mejia Perez is our Executive Director and is dedicated to all of the individuals at My Voice Media Center, and arts Consortium. He provides us with support, resilience and the guidance that we need as participants and staff.

Participants and staff eagerly and hurriedly decorated the MVMC room with food, and festivities, as

he entered the building...

We were excited to surprise him this morning, even with glitter, lol.

Ampelio Mejia Perez, Executive Director - Arts Consortium, My Voice Media Center

We all hope this year has been awesome with us, and we can provide you with many more fun ones to come!

We hope you have a great Birthday and we hope you will spend your next one with us, too,

from My Voice Media Center!


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