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Guitar and MVMC in Visalia

Sheila, and Nelson, participants at Arts Consortium's, My Voice Media Center, have been taking guitar for some time now. They ahve teamed up with the guitar session to help make music for the installation 2022; "Tranquil Lennei Landmark".

Sheila; Guitar Session with Thomas Fetch 2022; Tuesdays 1-3 PM at My Voice Media Center

The participants are putting a lot of effort into the coming installation for May, Mental Health Month. This is a time when My Voice Media Center is in charge of F1rst Friday for the Arts Consortium. Participants are encouraged to participate in the committee up until May. Sheila is the President of the peer-made committee and is also part of other art sessions at My Voice Media Center Project.

The guitar session at My Voice Media Center has a flexibility of working with participants at all levels. You can be a part of the Installation music at the guitar session. The music will be played during the Open House happening the F1rst Friday in MAY.

Please reach out to My Voice Media Center at Arts Consortium at (559)772-0001

or by emailing Hope at




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