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Gourd Weaving with Toni Best

Today we had the pleasure of learning about Gourd Weaving from MVMC Guest artist Toni Best. Toni is such an amazing artist and a wonderful instructor. She has been a guest artist at the My Voice Media Center and an arts consortium member for over 10 years.

A Break from the Norm

Everyone really enjoys Learning this beautiful technique and appreciates Toni for her visits to Arts Consortium's My Voice Media Center this month! Separate from other sessions a workshop by Toni Best highlighted the joys of making and weaving gourds.

Participants learned the crafting techniques that Toni Best, an accomplished artist in Tulare County, brought to My Voice Media Center. The workshops were held on two different days where a small group attended and learned how to soak, prepare and weave materials into the top of a prepared gourd. The handcrafted works were beautiful, as each participant put their own touches on the finished gourds. Some used feathers, others beads, and using a special twine and needle weaved along the top of the gourd.

Gourds by Nelson, Cherie, and Anthony.

2 Days of a special workshop with Toni Best.

Thank you, Toni, and all the participants who attended this month's workshop!


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