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Fun Day Of Mask Making

"On Thursday, April 20th we had a blast making plaster masks during our 2-d 3-d art session. We do plan on doing this activity again depending on how many people are interested. The process is very simple but I do recommend for those who have facial hair to do a half mask. Use plenty of Vaseline and do about three layers of the plaster strips." (Olivia)

Social Support and Our Support Systems

In life, we have many challenges. One of those challenges is metaphorically wearing a mask. We all have different parts of our personality and wish to share those with others.

Having a strong support system and social support emphasizes the need to have the ability to express ourselves to others.

In art, we are able to express these connections to mask making in the literal techniques of mask making while we ponder the reality of masks in the real world.

According to the necessary ingredients for Social Support from, Close Connections, Family, and Communities are necessary for us to seek healthy relationships and social groups.

Close Connections: Olivia prepares this session often and many of the participants request the "mask-making" session every year. The connections that mask-making has with the creative process in each of us is a mirror for the close connections we can build with family, friends, and other professionals.

Family: Practicing healthy relationships and keeping these relationships growing and building upon strong foundations is important to staying close to our families. Sharing with your family parts of your personality is one way to strengthen the ties.

Communities: While most communities support the arts and strive to keep this network of artists in social media, My Voice Media Center is no different. We also have a strong bond to the mental health community using the artistic process to stay on a path of wellness and recovery. This mask, or personality is strengthened by staying in touch with those in our own community that have the same goals in mind. Artistic expression helps us use the creative process to open our minds and use mindfulness with each other, and on social media.


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