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"For February", the Month of LOVE

Last year at My Voice Media Center the theme encouraged participants to "Love their Art". This year, as we have celebrated many new change and opportunities at My Voice Media Center we would like to introduce our theme, "For February" and focus more on the individual, and self-awareness.

In celebrating the accomplishments from last year, like our new building and also accomplishing a lot for our session the No Stigma Speakers Bureau, as well as continuously building on sessions that we have, we moved onto the year 2022 in January. As we become more planned and ready for the entire year, it is important not to forget about yourself as an individual. Look back at what you have done and keep doing what is good for you. Practice self-awareness and listen to your needs and wants, especially in your art work. Decide for yourself what your art will say about you and don't forget to have fun!

Sessions and Collaboration:

February is filled with hearts and reds, pinks, purples and many flowers. We encourage participants to get in the mood by using these colors to help you focus on a work of art - all month long, in any session.

In 2D and 3D Art we will be having a Valentine's Day session in which we will make a Valentine's Decoration for a door or a wall-hanging. This session is from 12-2PM on Thursday February 10th, 2022.

Our ALL-Sessions day continues to be the third Friday of each month and all sessions are invited, please RSVP.

The annual installation project is on the rise here at My Voice Media Center, and it is time to finalize the committee members and the design. We have had many ideas and need sketches of the space we intend to use. If there is anyone who is interested in measuring and sketching a design please join us on THURSDAY from 2-3PM for an in-session Art and Wellness!

Those who join in are part of a special committee that is solely dedicated to PEERS at My Voice Media Center


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