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First Friday Show with My Voice Media

Welcome to My Voice Media Center First Friday at Arts Consortium: New Beginnings

Last year, My Voice Media proudly prepared for this May, Mental Health Month during its F1rst Friday event with the Arts Consortium. This year along with its normal collaborative efforts with the Arts Consortium, My Voice Media is celebrating another First Friday event with CAFE 210.

Due to the COVID regulations this event will be held on Arts Consortium's NEW Virtual Gallery that is open for you to walk-in virtually this FRIDAY at 5-8PM. You will be able to chat and see each other as avatars and have a great time!

During sessions, and collaborating between sessions the participants, staff, and facilitators prepared for a mid-year show along with CAFE 210.

Participants are preparing to go virtual with their show on FRIDAY!Join in the fun to ask questions and even purchase artwork.

The Arts Consortium's My Voice Media Center announces this month's quarterly show, "NEW BEGINNINGS", a F1rst Friday event by the Arts Consortium!

Participants are welcome to join the virtual event by scanning the code on our poster or entering the web address. You will then create an avatar this Friday, January 7th from 5-8, and join in the fun!

My Voice Media Center's F1rst Friday with Arts Consortium Past Events:

My Voice Media Center presents participant work bi-yearly. We also love to present our work in gallery setting s such as the Arts Consortium's F1rst Friday event. The F1rst Friday event is well know throughout Tulare County as a destination for local artists to collaborate, socialize and view artworks. There are several organizations in Visalia that regularly participate in the event, such as Arts Visalia, Brandon Mitchell Gallery and the Creative Center. These organizations present works from artists, sell artwork and help to make the art grown in Tulare County each month. As the name states the event is always on the 1st Friday of the month.

During May, Mental Health Month My Voice Media Center is part of Arts Consortium's show and is in charge of the F1rst Friday event!

ART and WELLNESS Session:

May is Mental Health Month at the Arts Consortium’s My Voice Media Center and we would like to remind you that we are still celebrating this year's Mental Health Month with a new installation project and a show. This project is worked on by participants annually in the Art and Wellness session on Zoom, Thursday's 2-3 PM with a peer-made committee. Please join us if you would like to become part of the participant-made committee.

The Arts Consortium’s My Voice Media Center, in collaboration with the Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency, offers a connection to our community for adults who have what is known as “lived-experienced” mental illness. This includes individuals who have been diagnosed with mental health issues as well as those who provide support for these individuals.

The My Voice Media Center is meant to bring our participants together in a safe space while teaching them to express themselves through the arts. During May, all of our Participants will be recognized along with our theme, “In it Together”. We will share drawings, painting, writing, music, printmaking, as well as technology-based art forms like photo editing, video production, and sound recording. You can see examples of our participants’ work in our PEER ART GALLERY.

Our talented Facilitators provide these free art sessions on a weekly basis to people of all different skill levels. They are carefully selected for their artistic achievements and for their commitment to helping our participants realize their artistic aspirations.

Thank you!

A Special Thank you to....the PHOTO and VIDEO Editing Session with Phet Kamsaysoury!

"Lights, camera, action!"

We would like to thank the Photo and Video editing session for playing such a big part in making sure we have videos for My Voice Media Center during Christmas and other events.

The Photo and Video Editing Session work hard at collaborating photography and footage of events, interviews, and much more, like music events and Arts Consortium events. They conduct research and collaborate during sessions, sharing information and putting footage together to make videos.

This session, facilitated by Phet Kamsaysoury. He is a fun, energetic, and talented. His participant crew who work hard and play hard. They are instructed by a talented and renowned facilitator, who is a patient in instructing the tools for photo and video editing. His contributions to My Voice Media Center are very special and we would like to thank him, too!

Thank you to CAFE 210 who have been wonderful hosts for the MVMC show and if you are interested in seeing the work and purchasing in person, please visit their CAFE!

A special thanks to Ed Reveles who put the effort into creating a virtual gallery for My Voice Media Center! What a great addition to the gallery experience!!!

Thank you to Christina Thorin, Ampelio Perez, Pam Pietroforte, Olivia Garza, Michael Alvarez, Rebecca Haigh, and Francisco Alonso, who help tremendously with selecting, planning, framing, going virtual, and participating in the My VoiceMedia Center show!

Please email: with any questions, thank you!

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