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Field Trip to the Shinzen Friendship Garden

The My Voice Media Center had a wonderful time at Fresnos Shinzhen Garden. We met at the My Voice Media Center and carpooled to Fresno. there was a total of about fifteen of us. While we were there we broke off into groups and explored the beautiful garden.

There were amazing waterfalls, bronze trees, bridges, fish, and peacocks. everyone sat under the gazebo and ate lunch.

Peace and Serenity

In searching for peace, many come to these gardens to paint, enjoy the calm and peaceful nature surrounding them as they meditate, and much more! Each participant had a watercolor bag and was able to paint, take pictures, and draw in the gardens.

Not only was it a wonderful experience for all of us but also a really nice drive to learn more about each other and have a great ride there and back. Thank you My Voce Media Center !!!!

A Gallery of Images

(Above) Photographs by Olivia Garza, Peer Support Specialist, Susan L, Participant, and Halonnah Hope Kay, Project Coordinator

(Above) Photography by Halonnah Hope Kay, Project Coordinator

(Above) Photography by Ampelio Mejia Perez, Executive Director


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