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Featuring: Micky's Paper Floor

Micky, one of My Voice Media Center's participants...

is creating a beautiful paper floor. she is using a technique that she is tried and true to her art style. She has been working on the project for about a month. The project is a beautiful addition to the Arts Consortium's octagon shaped entry-way. Right next to this years installation project, her project will be a part of the Art's Consortium's floor, looking up at the sky windows.

Micky uses material like glue and finish to attach torn pieces of art from old primitive artwork magazines or books. She came prepared with a special plan of laying these down and creating a "Tree of Life" over the top of the work. this work has a lot of meaning and is presented as a participant's work for My Voice Media Center at Arts Consortium.

Next time you are in the Art's Consortium, you won't miss it so come and take a look at the beautiful art!


Please call us at (559) 772-0001 or email!

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