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Featured Artist: Susan L.

Hello and welcome to another edition of the featured Peer Artist. We release artists and their works in recognition of a body of work they have been working on and have made in abundance here at My Voice Media Center. This is an important journey in the art world. The presentation stage and submitting works is a big and final step in the transformation between an amateur and a professional.

The Profession of Photography for Marketing:

Photography and Photo Editing have been a part of MVMC for some time. The Photo Editing session encourages participants to go beyond taking pictures and take a look at what they can do with them. Whether it be using effects, editing them for better quality, or even altering them to fit a specific design, photo editing is a good talent to master to create high-quality work.

Professionally, there are many types of photography and ways in which to present the work. Recognizing this opportunity takes practice, too.

One of our artists creates photography for MVMC marketing and has a great time including staff along with editing her photography in the Photo Editing Session with Phet Kamsaysoury. She goes above and beyond creating images requested by staff and creating a great way to become more professional in her work.

Featuring Peer Artist: Susan L.

Susan has been with the My Voice Media Center for 9 years approximately and has used art as a way to continue on her path of wellness and Recovery.

She enjoys sessions and groups with MVMC and also the Visalia Wellness Center. In her photography studies, she enjoys taking pictures of plants, people, landscapes, and much more. She is very talented at getting people to smile, taking pictures at events, and including her still images in her video editing.

Video by Susan L.; 2021

My Voice Media Center

Session Photos by Susan L. 2022-23

Hope; Photo by Susan L.; 2022

Drawing Session February 2023; Photo by Susan L.

Participant Work and Events

Staff Picture

Arts consortium My Voice Media Center Office Staff...Feb 2023

(Susan is also part of the No Stigma Speakers Bureau, where sometimes we are able to grab a picture or two of her.)

We would like to thank you Susan L. for all that you do for My Voice Media Center and we are so thankful you are here! You have so much to offer the world as an artist, and we support you! Thank you for being such a great part of the My Voice Media Center!

We are grateful for all of the time our artists spend with us and are excited to see each new work as it arises. See you next time!


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