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F1rst Friday in May...

Each year, May, Mental Health Month The My Voice Media Center has something special for the First Friday Art Show here at the Arts Consortium . We will have most of our facilitators there at a booth and they will be sharing about their session. If you would like to know more about the My Voice Media Center this would be a great oppertunity to meet our instructors, go over our calendar, and ask questions about what exactly we do.

The May First Friday is on the 3rd from 5:00-8:00

Please stop by and check it out !!!!!!!

Meet the Facilitators:

Guitar Session 2024

From top: Phet Kamsaysoury and participants 2024, Heidi Steinman and Mike S. 2024, Art of Movement 2024, No Stigma Speakers Bureau and Staff 2024 MHSA Filming, John H. and Luz in Guitar 2024, and lastly, Merry Miller-Gass Facilitator for Art and Feelings

George Jagatic Art of Movement Facilitator 2024

Eddie Isaola Printmaking Facilitator 2024

Mike S. Printmaking 2024

Susan L. 2024


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