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Drawing, Painting and MORE!

There is so much to do here at My Voice Media Center. As artists in the community, both the art community and mental health community, we are proud to spend most of our time collaborating with the Arts Consortium, painting, drawing and so much more!

Other traditional and technological art sessions that also carry some tools of wellness and recovery are Photo Editing, Video Editing, Art and Feelings, Art of Movement, and Printmaking. We spend our time vigorously planning and preparing sessions, facilitator tools, and well, the best services for your continued path into resilience as we can.

Self-expression is a big part of how we want our participants to feel free to create and use the creation process as a big tool. MVMC has recently set up 2 new Youth sessions with the HEAL Project, and in Allensworth, CA.

In celebrating our strong natures in art we recommend using the freedom of self-expression and continue making friendships at My Voice Media Center and see what else we can do with art!

Keeping busy and Attention to Detail

Judy, a Photographer, Judy's Photography, Rustle in Video Editing Session

The Dedication It Takes

Vicki at Brandon Mitchell; August 2023

Finding Your Nic

Painting, CIT Training, Drip Pour in 2D and 3D Art

Believing You Are Great

John paints for Que Concha Art Show

Seeing Your Progress

Que Concha Coffee Show Art Show featuring the work from My Voice Media Center, August 2023

Above all, Be Strong...

In the coming month, September we hope that you bring in your support team member, your family member, or your friend to My Voice Media Center. It is also free of charge and no proof is required to enroll for them, as well. You are free to join any session you and your friend would like!




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