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CSET Volunteering at My Voice Media Center

Various Activities, Participants and CSET Volunteers 2021

Many of our CSET Volunteers become interested in becoming participants at My Voice Media Center and we love it! We encourage the addition with becoming a participant and doing CSET Volunteer work. The Participant is required to show proof through an approved source of Mental Health Medical Treatment, and is welcome to become a participant with My Voice Media Center once an application is filled out, a media release and conduct form is signed. A Participant with My Voice media Center does not need to show us proof of a mental health condition, but we require them to state in the application the condition and it's needs so that we can better be of service.

A CSET Volunteer does get credit for hours and activities assigned by staff. While the sessions do not count as hours towards CSET Volunteer Hours, they are allowed to schedule a session as a participant and complete volunteer duties as well.

We encourage the making of artists, mental health individuals, creativity and freedom of expression. There is so much more to My Voice Media Center you may come to find out, so please join and give us a call for a person you care about!

My Voice Media Center at Arts Consortium: (559) 802-3266

Call: (559) 544-2976

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