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Christmas Spirit (cont.)

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, My Voice Media Center took a day to appreciate each other and the beautiful holiday that is upon us. We had food, a movie, and lots of surprises!

"White Elephant Gift Games":

Participants enjoyed the festivities and it warms our hearts to be able to give them a little something for the holidays.

Happy for the holidays, MVMC gifted the gifts from a giant SANTA BAG. Participants got to reach in and even trade their gifts with others, as the game began...

White Elephant Game; Christmas 2023

As the game went on participants enjoyed snacks and discussed the art gifts they received. There were beautiful paint-by-numbers, drawing kits, a pastel kit, a tile-making kit, metal art kits, jewelry art kits, and a tie-dye kit.

Enjoy your art kits, everyone!

We also hope that you use these art kits over the holidays and enjoy the time, the weather, and even family and friends as Christmas and New Year's approach. Find a quiet place, enjoy the art kit with a friend, or turn on your favorite movie, or tunes to just create!

My Voice Media Center wishes everyone a joyful and safe holiday!


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