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Celebrate YOU for the holiday!

So, the holiday is here and the questions about how you will spend the holiday have come up. How will you spend the holiday, who will you spend it with and where will you spend the holiday? My question will be how much should I eat? LOL

The truth should spend the holiday with YOU! Spend the holiday looking out for yourself and taking care of yourself. The best thing you can do this Thanksgiving is self-care!

There is a special part about the holiday, some people get time off, some people have large families, some like to take a nap and enjoy the fire...whatever it is that you like most about the holiday, celebrate and give thanks for that one thing and tell yourself you are worth it.

You are worth it!

This is an important time to not only give each other thanks but to remember your worth. I want each and every one of you that come to My Voice Media Center to know how appreciated you are and that I am so proud of all of you,...including staff and newcomers.

This holiday focus on the friendships you have made, strengthen them this season by telling someone you know how important they are, maybe even take someone out for coffee and a treat. There are many ways to help someone feel loved for the holidays and you sometimes just have to look right next to you whether you are at work, at home or out and about - show someone that you care!

Olivia and her mother, Kathy at My Voice Media Center

No Stigma Speakers Bureau at the Crisis Intervention Training 2022, Oval Park

You are amazing and special!

Remember to let the holiday spirit in by practicing your talents, like guitar, drawing, or painting and some of the other sessions we have at MVMC.

Tell your story!

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday!


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