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Caroling with Arts Consortium

We brought in Christmas with caroling this year. My Voice Media Center, facilitators, and staff, we all invited by the Arts Consortium to carol around to all the F1rst Friday Venues. We practiced and practiced again, and then we headed out to all of the venues this year!

Last year some of our participants and staff enjoyed Christmas Caroling around to different venues during Art's Consortium's F1rst Friday event. We ALL liked it so much we decided to do it again this year.

Photo by Susan L.; Christmas 2022

We caroled the songs, Rudolph, Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bells, and finished with Silent Night. There was so much joy in the air as we brought our songs to all of the venues.

The Book Nook, Downtown Visalia; 2023

The Venues included, Brandon Mitchel Gallery, The Odd Shop, The Book Nook, The Old Foxx, Arts Visalia, The Creative Center, and Sharice's in the downtown area. Look for more F1rst Friday events, every F1rst Friday! (



Arts Consortium;

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