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Artwork and Experience

See how a drawing is created below.

A still life in Bronson Combs' session at My Voice Media Center:

Drawing session with Bronson Combs; (Florentino)

Drawing is a pastime that everyone should pursue at some point in their life.

There is a calm serenity found in the art of a simple drawing, the doodle, coloring, and much more! There are many ways to learn how to draw and to continue to practice your talent until you understand a general way in which the process of drawing applies to your life...

Many people enjoy drawing other people, still life, action sketching, or simply sitting on-site at a coffee shop to draw the stray cat by the building next door. Going to school to become an arts to learn how to draw is one way to seek out your passion and love for drawing, sketching, using charcoal and other types of digital drawing.

If you have had any of this experience, or you would like to learn how, My Voice Media Center offers drawing as one of the free sessions offered to those adults who have lived experiences in mental health and continue their path of wellness and recovery at our facility. Arts Consortium's project - My Voice Media Center has been serving the mental health community with a way for you and your loved ones to participate in activities, projects, and become part of a session that is going to help you along your journey.

We are here Tuesday- Friday 10-3PM and welcome newcomers to fill out an enrollment form and get started with a support session or an art session. We are not a medical facility and DO NOT require proof to enroll, but rather invite you and your direct friends and family to be a part of this great artistic endeavor!

Thank you Florentino for letting us use your art in this blog!

Other Sessions:

Participant creates work in 2D and 3D Art Session (Nelson)

Peer of MVMC sells work at the Visalia Wellness Resource Fair (Adolf and Nelson)

Visalia Wellness Peer at the Resource Fair in September (Jamie)

Phet Kamsaysoury's Photo Editing Session (Photo taken by Susan Leary)

My Voice Media Center hopes you enjoyed this gallery. if you are interested in enrolling please email, or visit us at 808 N. Court St. in Visalia, CA.


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