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Arts Consortium Staff Paint at CAFE 210 - F1rst Friday Event

Two of Arts Consortium's, My Voice Media Center project staff participated in the "F1rst Friday Quick Draw" at CAFE 210 on Friday night from 5-8PM.

Halonnah Hope Kay, Project Coordinator

Ed Reveles, Graphic Designer

Christina and Painters at CAFE 210 Friday, July 1, 2022

Being one of the "painters" I arrived, not knowing what to expect. I was told by other fellow employees that it was fun and I would have a great time. I was invited to paint about a week before the event. F1rst Friday is always a lovely event that spans several organizations all over downtown on the F1rst Friday of each month., such as Arts Consortium, Arts Visalia, the Creative Center, Brandon Mitchell Gallery, Cafe 210, and the Odd Shop. The fun part is always seeing so much artwork in Visalia, and collaborating within the artistic community.

CAFE 210, particularly, has live music sometimes and great coffee to go along with the art specially chosen to be displayed on the walls at the cafe for F1rst Friday.

I was definitely nervous as the Cafe began to fill up with people, and I thought to myself, how am I going to paint with so many people watching? I was informed of the rules, the artists are given a topic and they have 45 minutes to paint their work in the theme provided, and then the vote is on. The employees, patrons, and visitors of CAFE 210 are able to vote as we paint and after on their favorite work of art.

The artists and I anxiously awaited the canvases to arrive and set up our paints in the meantime...

My paints and materials for the painting...(Halonnah Hope Kay, Project Coordinator, Arts Consoritum - My Voice Media Center)

I began talking with Ed from the Arts Consortium and we both talked about our plan, his being the more genius of the two. Ed has participated in the event one other time and had prepared a work to go with the theme, mixed his colors, and had an image to paint from.

The theme was Red, White and Blue...

Ed Reveles, Graphic Designer for the Arts Consortium

Everyone enjoyed the very talented musical artist

Kevin Umphrey and the Umphreys...

Musical Artist: Kevin Umphrey and the Umphreys. CAFE 210

As the time came closer to painting I started to realize that there was going to be a lot of people watching as I painting and I had never had so many people watch me crate a paining. My husband came over from Pine Recovery down the street on his break to show his support, that was helpful!

I began mixing my paints and awaiting the canvases as Christina Thorin had all of the artists introduce themselves, and their work which is displayed throughout JULY at CAFE 210.

The moment came when Christina was going to start the timer and I felt all of the voices and eyes become focused in our direction. There was a lot of chatter and I just began painting...

There were some beautiful works that were created in this event and in the end the best of the best would win the vote...

The final works for "F1rst Friday Quick Draw" at CAFE 210

AND the winner is.........

Ed Reveles, from the Arts Consortium!!!

Congratulations Ed!!!

For more information on events, Arts Consortium, or My Voice Media Center please call Arts Consortium at (559)772-0001 email me at


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