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Art's Consortium Hosts MVMC at F1rst Friday

Updated: May 31, 2022

The first ever outdoors Open Mic night hosted by Arts Consortium, for MVMC was held on Friday, May 6th from 5-8PM. Arts Consortium presents an artist each month for the featured artist, all around Tulare County. In May, though, My Voice Media Center is featured for May, Mental Health Awareness Month. MVMC is a project, an entity of the Arts Consortium. We are located inside of the Oval Park, here in Visalia, CA.

Participants and the public enjoy the Open Mic night on Friday May 6th, 2022, celebrating May, Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental Health Month Staff: Olivia, Nelson (from Pine Recovery), Ampelio, and Hope

MVMC would like to thank all of those who participated in the installation art and served on the peer committee, spending 4 months preparing a beautiful work of are that is now part fo the building here in the Oval Park, Visalia, CA. The participants worked hard in creating a workable committee, brainstorming ideas, creating a space, sketching and preparing, getting the supplies, and finally the construction. The committee was made up of all peers, including a President, Sheila, a Vice-President, Susan, a Secretary, Nelson, and many more peer on the inspiration and construction crew, such as Anthony, Kathy, Micky, and Johnny. MVMC was proud to have Thomas Fetch and Phet Kamsaysoury , two fo our facilitators help with the video and music that accompanied the work of art on F1rst Friday. Other staff members that helped organize the meetings for the committee were Ampelio, Olivia and Hope.

Some of the participants also took a lot of pictures, spending time outdoors in the park.

Here are some by Michael:

Thank you everyone, what a great success!

Participants are working on creating a video for this year's installation, in the meantime, please enjoy this video from last year's installation:


Please contact or call (559)772-001 if you have any questions.

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