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Art in July

There is a lot going on here at My Voice media Center. Next week we are excited to announce a new Drawing facilitator, some participants are entering the Arts Visalia juried show coming up in September, "Art in the Valley", and there have been several dedicated NEW peers to Acrylic painting.


Special Lesson in 2D/3D Art with Olivia provided by Michael.

These beautiful acrylic paintings were made with glue! The 2D and 3D Art session created a "stained-glass" window technique using an idea from a peer. After completing the demo with the peer, Olivia, the facilitator, was able to share the special technique with participants in her 2D and 3D Art session.

Cherie; Acrylics; 2D and 3D Art

Nelson; Acrylics; 2D and 3D Art.

Acrylic Painting

Hope and a new participants, Genie and Pricila; July 2022. (Click on the Thumbnail to enlarge)


Adolf; Drawing with Hope; July 2022

I hope you have enjoyed this peak into the PEER ART GALLERY at My Voice Media Center. We Welcome new participants to join us after filling out an enrollment form. You can do so by contacting Hope (559)772-0001, through email at or by visiting us at 808 N. Court St. in Visalia, CA.


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