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"Art and Wellness" Voting on a Museum Visit

In August, breaking from the move that will accompany My Voice Media Center's new building we hope to relax by taking a trip to a museum. There are many possibilities in choosing a museum that's right for us. Art and Wellness go hand in hand with My Voice Media Center's main goals. We aim to aid adults who have lived experienced mental health in their lives to be creative, express themselves and join the "no stigma" for mental health and wellbeing.

Museums can play a big part in an artist's life and also provide opportunity for those artist who seek wellness. Wellness is a form of well-being, it is a way for us to describe the need to nurture our health, mental health and develop a path of recovery where needed. We all create a way in which to do this, all individually and art seems to help us tell the story of life as a whole. We can enjoy this well-being, research it, and become involved in art through museums, nurturing our own artistic well-being.

During some research conducted on Zoom in My Voice Media Center's Art and Wellness session. Halonnah Kay, Project Coordinator and Susan, a participant discussed the positive outlook and benefit a museum can have on mental health and mental well-being.

Arts Consortium's First Friday (pictured above) is a great way to enter a gallery atmosphere and relax, look at the art and be social.

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