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Art and Wellness: Trips around Tulare County

My Voice Media Center Participant; 2021 (Cathy) 2D and 3D Art

The Art and Wellness session is dedicated to peers and peer views. These views all started when Art and Wellness was just a check-in for COVID-19 shut downs. After the success of the session, the discussions and the overall work that was being done evolved into an installation project with a peer-made committee, the session was deemed an official session. Participants are able to share how the week went, to talk about art, and to talk about wellness. One of the most important parts of the session is that it is peer-based and the participants themselves are in charge, they choose the topics, the projects and the trips for My Voice Media Center and a staff member, a facilitator is there as a guide.

In the session, the topics of art are read from interesting articles, research and topics that are of interest, new and old art. The topics sometimes include specifics, like "family portraits throughout history", "the color blue", or a topic on "stars in art". Along with the ART topic, a wellness topic is chosen and a discussion is held, many times even relating directly to the art discussed. This combination of art and wellness helps peers better understand the reasons behind great works of art, the personal inspiration that drives them and an incredible world of art that exists for the creative mind.

Inspiration can come from many places...

Inspiration comes from each other, rom each other's art and sharing the moments in life that we are affected by. The creative mind and the artist go together like art and wellness. The main goals we carry for one another is that we help to express ourselves, but yet inspire one another as well, working together to create art.

Installation inspirations for this year have become a hot topic around My Voice Media Center. The overall design for the annual installation project has changed tremendously, considering that we are working with a much, much smaller, but interesting space at the NEW building for Arts Consortium.

The next thing, is the committee, we have a president, a vice-president, a secretary and one peer that opted into being part of the planning crew. We are going to be continuously recruiting peers to help with the installation that is held in May, for Mental Health month.

The ideas that have been put on the table so far have all connected somehow to "things in the sky", so we are still searching for meaning and a working title.

Other events the Art and Wellness session helps plan...

In November 2021, participants were able to attend Art and Wellness and then also take a trip to a well-known museum, the Getty, in Los Angeles. Peer interactions with amazing art and each other were exciting experiences to be had that day! The "Holbein" show was up at the Getty Center and we all took many photographs, sketched a little, and were able to use footage from the trip in the Video Editing session, where some participants made or are still working on the images and footage from the journey.

After a successful trip to the Getty Museum, the Executive Director of Arts Consortium, Ampelio Perez decided that the Art and Wellness session can help plan other trips and we began taking trip s to local museums, even their galleries, too. So far we have visited the Tulare County Historical Museum, located at Mooney's Grove Park and then, Tulare Historical Museum and Gallery in Tulare, CA.

Encouraging our participants to venture in the real-world for adventures and experiencing this for ourselves as a group is very rewarding. I encourage each participant to try Art and Wellness as a chance for them to be able to just "talk about art", there is a lot to say. History, in the art world is just as important because memories are sometimes like art, they are made. We cherish historical meaning to learn more about each other, and to learn more about art.

We have many more ideas and trips planned for the Art and Wellness session!

Gallery of images from the Tulare Historical Museum

Thank you to all of you who attended today's adventure! Thank you Ampelio, Olivia, and Hope for helping us plan this new adventure for My Voice Media Center.

And a special thank you to the docent at the museum who gladly took us on a quick tour, even though she was off work!

Thank you Tulare Historical Museum!

Please call us at our NEW phone number (559)772-0001 is you have any questions about the Art and Wellness session or if you would like to become a part of My Voice Media Center, thank you!


Tulare County Historical Museum; 444 W. Tulare Ave, Tulare, CA, 93274; (559)686-2074


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