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Accomplishments, Attitude and Self-Expression

Our participants are what makes My Voice Media Center flourish and make the art happen. We

strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment. I would like to share with you some of the most recent accomplishments of our sessions.

So, what does it take to succeed in your own artwork, for your own portfolio?

It takes a good attitude!

It takes patience with yourself to learn new skills and practice the old ones. With a positive attitude, the road only gets easier and you will begin to see how important you and your art really are to the world around you. Your new and discovered path to wellness and recovery is encouraged through your own self-expression in the arts!

We would like to share some successes in our sessions and share with you a gallery of art. We hope this will inspire hope along your journey.

During our 2D and 3D sessions...

Our 2D and 3D Session is home to a variety of projects and activities, the most successful being the "Stress Relief Project", the "Drip Pour", and most recently the Thursday Art Video.

In our Painting Session...

January's highlights include a beautiful landscape and colorful oranges on a blue background. The color palette used by the facilitator is based on her knowledge of color theory and relates back to her signature style. She helps participants of all levels reach the goals of the project within the 2-hour session by completing the project as a demo along with you!

Please ask us about our painting session with Heidi Steinman, an artist in Tulare County. the session is Thursdays from 10 am - 12 pm.

Photo and Video Editing...

Anthony's Photography; 2022

Phet Kamsaysoury with a participant.

Our photo and video editing session is excelling in group communication and wellness as participants collaborate outside of the session to photograph and make their own business cards, and video events at My Voice Media Center.

Susan's Photography; 2022

Our Guitar Session...

Our guitar facilitator, Thomas Fetch, has helped participants learn the basics and the readiness for singing and performing at the Barrel House in Visalia, CA. He has the ability to help you no matter what level of guitar instruction you need. Learning how to hold and strum a guitar may be your first lesson and it can take more than a year to be ready to perform. So start today!

Our Printmaking Session...

Printmaking is conducted by one of COS's Printmaking instructors, Francisco Alonso. He is well-known in the newest Arts Consortium's magazines, the "Watermark" and continues to excel in his own artwork, as well as teach others different kinds of printmaking.

Our Drawing Session...

Drawing is with Bronson Combs a great instructor to help you learn the basics and begin where you need to be on your drawing journey. This is one of the most basic, yet necessary art forms in traditional art.

The No Stigma Speakers Bureau and a one-on-one Peer Support Session with our Peer Support Specialist, Olivia Garza.

These support sessions are appropriate for good attitudes and self-expression, as well as the art sessions we have. They are a chance for participants to join a group called the NSSB session, or the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau. This session allows participants to learn the art of public speaking so that they can share their stories with the community, with officials in the community, and also with the world. They learn to write their stories, speak and practice until they are ready, and then present to organizations in Tulare County.

One of the duties we offer those who are ready to speak is the Crisis Intervention Training, where participants, no only get to help give officers in Tulare County a tour of My Voice Media Center, but also tell their stories, so that they receive first-hand the impactful words from those success stories. This is a great experience for both the officers and the NSSB session, as each time they tell their story they become that much stronger at it next time.

Peer Support is a one-on-one session with our peer support specialist, Olivia. She encourages participants who just want to talk, or have something on their mind to meet with her every Wed and Fri in a private session where she is able to give advice, just listen, and also check-in with many returning and new participants.

From everyone at My Voice Media Center, please come join in the free art sessions with your support system, your family, and even your support animal. We would love for you to come and fill out an easy enrollment form and will help you if you need help.

We encourage you to visit our temporary building at the oval!

To find out more visit us at 808 N. Court St. to fill out an easy enrollment form, or leave us a message at (559)772-0001.

We offer all of these sessions free of charge for those adults in Tulare County seeking a way to stay on their path of wellness and recovery in mental health and continue learning skills and how to express themselves through the arts. We also encourage self-expression through the arts.


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