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2D and 3D Art Session

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


In the months before summer, it is the best time to garden and enjoy the weather. Many of our peers at My Voice Media Center are fans of gardening. We planted herbs and sunflowers today in hopes that the coming sunshine and possibly April showers our plants will grow, bloom and blossom. The growing plants are like the way in which we grow ourselves. Remembering how we grow is part of the My Voice Media Session as participants get their hands dirty in the soil.

(Peers at My Voice Media Center plant and garden to remember "How to Grow"; 2D and 3D Art Session)

Realizing how we grow is an important part of the My Voice Media Center Project of Arts Consortium. Our goals are to provide a friendly and safe environment to those adults who have lived-experienced mental health in their lives, along with their friends and family. The goals of planting a garden is related to our goals of wellness, recovery and resilience, as well. The plant grows only with the nurturing home of the soil, water and maybe even some guitar music! The same goes for the mind and the peers that participate in the art making processes. Being and artist doesn't happen all in one day, either. The mind and the artist must nurture skills and practice, develop a successful process and continue to grow and produce art, just like a plat produces fruit.

(Peers and Olivia the facilitator of 2D and 3D Art - Thursdays 12-2PM)

The 2D and 3D Art Session is planning on checking up on the plants regularly and tending to them as needed. The session has a lot of exciting trends like, stress relief paintings, texture art, and much more. Olivia, the session facilitator is also our Peer Support Specialist who offers support to those in need on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2-3PM. It is important to keep nurturing the plants as we nurture each session with kindness and support for each other's path through art. The art of wellness, recovery and resilience is integrated into each session by our facilitators so that the participant can begin their own journey through expressing themselves in the arts from whatever level they need.

A Chalk Art Session

(Peers create chalk art during the 2D and 3D Art Session Thursdays 12-2PM)


Paper Floor by Micky


Please reach out to Olivia or Hope at the My Voice Media Center Project to learn more about becoming a participant.

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